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Commercial baby food is often a humanitarian relief item. The food comes in many varieties and flavors that are baby bib template pdf ready-made from producers.

Or it may be table food eaten by the family that has been mashed or otherwise broken down. Baby food can be given when the child is developmentally ready to eat. Most six-month-old infants are physiologically and developmentally ready for new foods, textures and modes of feeding. The early introduction of complementary foods may satisfy the hunger of the infant, resulting in less frequent breastfeeding and ultimately less milk production in the mother.

Because iron absorption from human milk is depressed when the milk is in contact with other foods in the proximal small bowel, early use of complementary foods may increase the risk of iron depletion and anemia. Foods naturally containing sodium are limited to 0. 25 grams per 100 grams of food, depending on the type of infant food. This way, if the child is unable to tolerate a certain food, it can be determined which food is causing the reaction. Newborns need a diet of breastmilk or infant formula.