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Iodimetry and iodometry pdf

Note that iodometry involves indirect titration of iodine iodimetry and iodometry pdf by reaction with the analyte , whereas iodimetry involves direct titration using iodine as the titrant. The iodometric titration is a general method to determine the concentration of an oxidising agent in solution. This absorption will cause the solution to change its colour from light yellow to a dark blue colour when titrated with standardised thiosulfate solution indicates the end point of the titration. Dilute solutions containing iodine-starch complex.

The color above can be seen just before the endpoint is reached. For simplicity, the equations will usually be written in terms of aqueous molecular iodine rather than the triiodide ion, as the iodide ion did not participate in the reaction in terms of mole ratio analysis. Some reactions involving certain reductants are reversible at certain pH, thus the pH of the sample solution should be carefully adjusted before the performing the analysis. The volatility of iodine is also a source of error for the titration, this can be effectively prevented by ensuring an excess iodide is present and cooling the titration mixture. Strong light, nitrite and copper ions catalyzes the conversion of iodide to iodine, so these should be removed prior to the addition of iodide to the sample.

For prolonged titrations, it is advised to add dry ice to the titration mixture to displace air from the erlenmeyer flask so as to prevent the aerial oxidation of iodide to iodine. Iodometry is commonly employed to determine the active amount of hypochlorite in bleach responsible for the bleaching action. The iodine content and thus the active chlorine content can be determined with iodometry. Note that for the best results, the sulfide solution must be dilute with the sulfide concentration not greater than 0.

Under strongly acidic solution, the above equilibrium lies far to the right hand side, but is reversed in almost neutral solution. This page was last edited on 2 December 2017, at 22:16. Word of the Year – Everything After Z by Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary.

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