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Locksport followers enjoy the challenge and lock picking book pdf of learning to defeat all forms of locks, and often gather together in sport groups to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and participate in a variety of recreational activities and contests. Lock picking has been around for as long as locks have, and recreational lock picking has been as well. However, as an organized hobby, lock picking is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik – Deutschland e. As the group grew in Germany, another group was founded in The Netherlands in 1999. As of early 2005, the term had been suggested, but not widely adopted. North America by those who practice the craft for fun and sport.

Locksport International is now under the direction of Doug Farre. At the core of locksport is the philosophical belief in responsible full disclosure. Nonetheless, locksport enthusiasts persist in discovering weaknesses in all forms of physical security. At locksport meetings, members regularly participate in a variety of activities such as lock challenges, lock relay races, standardized tests, and many other such activities dreamed up by the members themselves. One such activity is known as the Padlock Challenge, where members each start with a predefined number of padlocks linked together. As participants pick a lock, they attach the lock to the chain of padlocks of another participant.

The goal is to be the first to rid oneself of all one’s locks. Another common activity is some form of speed challenge, where members are given a limited time to pick a lock, or compete for the best time on one or more locks. There are several organized lock picking contests that are held each year. NL hold a major contest each year, attended by hobbyists and travelers from around the globe. Rules and format of contests vary from event to event.

Locksport fans compete in several formats, including head-to-head contests that determine the fastest lock picker. In the so-called Locksport Wizard, each contestant is given a burlap sack containing an identical set of locks and is required to blindly pick them using only tools they have put in the sack. In other challenges, participants have to pick their way out of handcuffs before attempting to defeat a set of locks. There also are competitions to disassemble locks and reassemble them properly. Though there are currently no conventions exclusive to locksport, enthusiasts have found acceptance among a variety of hacker conventions.