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Medical legal aspects of medical records pdf

Medical Marijuana Information, Medical legal aspects of medical records pdf and Card in Santa Rosa CA, Doctors Ron Kennedy, M. Are You Ready To Make An Appointment? California resident prepared to travel to Santa Rosa? No charge if you do not qualify.

How the Super-cheap Medical Marijuana Clinics Do It. If you are ready for an appointment now, fill out the form to the left. Santa Rosa simply disappeared overnight in the Summer of 2010. While certification is widely available under California law, there are doctors and “clinics” who take shortcuts. This puts your certification in possible jeopardy. Here are the requirements for medical marijuana certification in California. A condition which is benefitted by medical marijuana.

California law allows a very wide scope of conditions, essentially whatever you and your doctor find to be benefitted. To satisfy the California Medical Board, documentation from a licensed treating health professional stating your diagnosis. This would be a copy of a page out of your medical record which states your diagnosis, or a simple note from your doctor, chiropractor, nurse, or other health care provider or a lab or radiology report stating your diagnosis. Do not fax this and do not ask a doctor to fax it. You must bring it in yourself. A proper history and physical exam will ensue.