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This article is about the Doctor Who television special. Maggie, parting the waters pdf with the Flood. US on 2 February 2010.

Doctor encounters the first human colony, Bowie Base One. This is commanded by Captain Adelaide Brooke who turns out to be a pivotal character in the history of humanity. The Doctor must decide whether to use his knowledge of her fate to change history. 2059, near humanity’s first Martian colony, “Bowie Base One”. He dons a spacesuit to walk to the base, where inside he is detained by its crew led by Captain Adelaide Brooke. Adelaide’s granddaughter to explore the stars. He tries to stay uninvolved, but Adelaide forces him to assist her responding to an alert from the remote biodome.

Two crewmen appear to be in a zombie-like state, generating copious amounts of water. One of Adelaide’s team gets infected, and they quarantine her while sealing off the biodome. From observation, they discover that the infection is by the intelligent virus, the Flood, and now seeks to get to Earth. Adelaide realizes the remaining crew have not yet touched that source of water and are uninfected, and orders the crew to evacuate to their rocket back to Earth while setting the base to self-destruct. Before departing, the Doctor is forced to explain to Adelaide what he knows happens and why he cannot get involved. The Doctor starts walking back when he hears cries of help: the infected crew have broken the biodome seal and are now attacking the central hub with massive amounts of water, infecting several others.

The rocket’s pilot is infected, but he sacrifices himself by causing the rocket to self-destruct and strand the Flood. The Doctor races back and rescues Adelaide and the last surviving crew, Yuri and Mia, via the TARDIS moments before the base destructs. He returns them to Earth, arriving outside Adelaide’s home. Yuri takes a shocked Mia away, while Adelaide demands to know why the Doctor saved them and risked changing history. The Doctor insists that he can break the laws of time to save the “little people”, calling himself “Time Lord Victorious”. Adelaide becomes indignant and warns him, “I don’t care who you are – the Time Lord Victorious is ‘wrong'”, before stepping into her home and killing herself.

Visibly shaken, the Doctor sees this as a message and says, “I’ve gone too far”, and asks if it is time for him to die. Doctor presumes that the Dalek spared Adelaide because it realised that her death was a fixed point in time. The Doctor remembers several previous declarations he’s made about the Time Lords as he decides to help the survivors. Leading up to the final destruction of Bowie Base One, the infected Andy Stone pounds three times on a secure door in a bid to gain entry to the control centre.

The Doctor electrifies the door to prevent Andy striking the door a fourth time. The Doctor refers to humanity’s first venture outside the Solar System as taking place in the time of Captain Adelaide Brooke’s granddaughter. Doctors visited human explorers and colonies in other star systems as early as the 25th century, and has been contradicted by many episodes since. File:Doctor Who 2009 The Waters of Mars Footage 1.

Filming of “The Waters of Mars”. The Waters of Mars” was originally conceived as a Christmas special with the title “Red Christmas”. Filming for the special began on 23 February 2009. The filming took place on a city street, which the production team covered with artificial snow. Doctor’s cleverest and most strong-minded companion yet. So, the Doctor has to learn to assume a slightly different role when he’s around her.