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Pastor chris oyakhilome teaching on the holy spirit pdf

I do not wish to adulate or idolize these men. Pastor chris oyakhilome teaching on the holy spirit pdf also set the criteria for this list that they had to be currently active preachers. Don’t listen to Washer if you want a fuzzy, feel-good, message to tickle your ears.

He is a clarion voice challenging the issues plaguing the church today. Brilliant insights into Scripture with a disarmingly personable style. And you just have to love his Scottish voice. What a humble servant of God. Comfort has stayed on message for years now, and the result is a whole movement of young evangelists committed to taking accurate and passionate gospel preaching to the streets. Living just an hour out of New York City, we have the privilege of being able to get to Brooklyn Tabernacle a few times each year for their Tuesday Night prayer meeting. Over 3000 people gathered midweek to pray!

Cymbala’s preaching is intensely pastoral, and he never fails to bring a rich sense of God’s presence as he speaks. I’d love to hear any names you might include on your own favorites list. Hey Pastor Phil, thanks for this post. Straight from the Word of God and convicting as ever. I recommend it to all women. Hope you guys are all well.

I agree I enjoy Alistair Begg, both content and scottish accent. I’ve enjoyed the US AOG Superintendent George O Wood, on their podcasts. For some Spirit-anointed evangelstic passion I still love Reinhard Bonnke. Jim Cymbala both reading and listening stirs a passion for the Gospel, prayer,the Church. When it comes to Aussies, Alun Davies, always makes me think,as well as stirs me to action. Great to hear from you Chris!

Mahaney on my list, but he’s another favorite of mine too. I think He’s actually caused Macarthur some head-scratching the past few years. They are good friends, and Macarthur has been a regular at his conference now. So you prefer the dramatic emotional experientially based preached over Bible Centered Christ Centered preaching?

I attended BT for over 10 years. Finally left because the shallow preaching. Year in and Year out it is the same kind of message. A verse and 45 minutes of his experience with God. Dim the lights, play the music, get people to come to the altar and cry out to God. BT is probably one of the most biblically illiterate churches I know of. They can sing, have great worship, the choir packs them in.

But the depth of bible knowledge is sorely lacking. I am shocked that you wold put Cymbala in the categories of these great preachers of the word. I listed preachers that I have found encourage my growth in the Lord. I am of Paul, I am of Cephas, etc. Listening to it, and doing it. I believe it to be the most God-honoring and effective form of preaching for a congregation over time.

So John Macarthur has been a great inspiration and help. Paul Washer, who I also love to listen to, is not an expository preacher at all. Does that mean his preaching cannot be useful to the body. He has a different role. Len Ravenhill was an outstanding voice, but his preaching was usually hardly organized, let alone expositional. Whenever I’ve heard Jim Cymbala preach he has brought an uncommon sense of God’s presence. The effect on me has been to want to seek and know God more.

Furthermore, in a day when hardly a church HAS a prayer meeting any more, the Tuesday night Prayer Meeting at BT is a glorious anomoly. I would put Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian near the top of that list. Thoughtful, insightful, reformed, the closest to a C. Most impressively, a heart of deep humility, dignity, and grace.