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Google recommends visiting our placing reinforcing bars pdf version of this document. 60cm above the ground level. Within the City, all 15-inch sewer mains require a 60-inch manhole. All pipe 21 inch and larger shall have a .

Adobe Acrobat – View as HTMLYour browser may not have a PDF reader available. Precast concrete manholes become part of the stormwater solution . Manholes and Chambers: shall be precast reinforced concrete base, riser, slab . The doghouse manhole base section shall be carefully set over the . Shop Drawing or Other Submittal.

S4, Inside Drop Manhole, MMCD, Pre-2007. S5, Precast Riser Manhole, MMCD, Pre- 2007 . Doghouse manholes shall be used where required for tie-ins to existing sewers. Design – Precast concrete manholes shall be designed and manufactured in .