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Shinichi mochizuki abc conjecture proof pdf

Shinichi mochizuki abc conjecture proof pdf theorems may not be their official names. This page was last edited on 29 December 2017, at 14:24. Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory I: Construction of Hodge Theaters.

Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory II: Hodge-Arakelov-theoretic Evaluation. Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory III: Canonical Splittings of the Log-theta-lattice. Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory IV: Log-volume Computations and Set-theoretic Foundations. A proof of abc conjecture after Mochizuki. Posible demostración de la veracidad de la conjetura ABC, Gaussianos, 5 Sept, 2012. What is an étale theta function? Confusion still surrounds abc conjecture, but Oxford gathering boosts prospects for resolution.

Here is the key idea behind Mochizuki’s proposed proof of Szpiro’s conjecture. Talks on Tuesday dealt with anabelian, absolute and semi-absolute anabelian and mono-anabelian issues. The first four talks on Wednesday dealt with categorical geometry useful for IUT. The etale theta function paper is a prerequisite for IUT. The remaining talks on Thursday and Friday were aimed to introduce, using three different styles of presentation, some of key features of IUT. A detailed presentation of IUT papers requires at least 20 one hour talks and will be arranged during the next workshop in Kyoto. Conference on Shinichi Mochizuki’s work inspires cautious optimism.

Any author of a serious article about IUT or workshops on it should try to interview the 20 speakers of the RIMS workshop. It is them who made the workshop successful. Speakers on IUT had been preparing their talks for weeks and months. It is much easier to come to the workshop without any preparation and just listen to talks. The path to mastering the theory involves giving talks on its parts. People who choose a public position of relatively negative attitude towards IUT are often, if not always, the least interested or most reluctant to ask detailed questions. It is completely clear that if one does not apply substantial systematic efforts to read or study IUT, one does not progress in one’s understanding of the theory.

Ample opportunities to ask questions were available during the workshop. Those who intensively used them visibly progressed in their understanding of IUT. In particular, Jeff Lagarias wrote to me, “The IUT is fascinating and truly revolutionary. My hope was to get to a real understanding of the proof mechanism of IUT, specifically around the main inequality. I did not completely succeed in this. There are too many layers to the proof. Some crucial connections eluded me.

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