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The wilton method of cake decorating course 1 pdf

The wilton method of cake decorating course 1 pdf son wanted a car for his 16th birthday. He also wanted a guitar.

I was cheap so he got the guitar. He also got a matching cake to go with it. This cake is modeled after the Kona KES1 Series Double Cutaway Red Electric Guitar. Of course, you can make any kind of guitar cake you want, but the instructions are written for this cake – exactly as you see it pictured here.

I’ve been making birthday cakes for my family for years. I am definitely an amateur but I enjoy decorating cakes and want to show people that they too can make beautiful cakes with just a few materials and some patience. This was my first time creating a cake with fondant. I had previously avoided fondant like the plague but I knew this cake would look so much better with fondant. To avoid the bland, undesirable taste of store-bought fondant, I decided to try making marshmallow fondant.

I could make it fairly quickly and flavor it as I wished. It turned out beautifully and I have been using the same recipe ever since. This cake looks big – especially stretched across a board 2  feet long, but it is made from a modest 9″ x 13″ cake so you can bake the cake right at home and shouldn’t have to worry about too many leftovers. To make this cake, I first had to create the template. It took 4 sheets of 8×11 paper. I scanned the tracings, put them together and shrunk the body of the guitar to fit on one 8×11 sheet of paper.