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Up the organization by robert townsend pdf

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The primary cast from the pilot also starred in the TV series for the entire run through 1977. At first Gage turns down the offer because he does not want to become an “ambulance attendant”. But in a failed rescue, the victim dies on arrival at Rampart Hospital. Noting the word “rescue” on the vehicle’s markings, Gage snorts derisively: “Rescue, hell.

All we rescued was a corpse. Despite his willingness to train the new paramedics, Brackett is firmly against the program itself, preferring highly skilled medical help in the field rather than “hose jockeys” running the risk of losing a life due to inexperience or ineptitude. To hell with the orders! With that, he shuts down the link. Finally realizing the paramedic program does indeed work, Brackett takes an unscheduled trip to Sacramento to address the State Assembly.

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