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Where am i wearing pdf download

This summer protect your pooch from the heat and bright sunlight sewing a dog where am i wearing pdf download with these free patterns. Spring is coming, and the eyes of our little pets should be protected from the heat and bright sunlight, so here I let you a free dog cap patterns to make easy and pretty caps for your dog. You have to cut two pieces of each pattern to make the visor double and the head part with lining. To get the visor part rigid place a piece of waterproof cardboard or some fine plastic or other rigid material between the fabric layers.

Or you can simply use thick fabric as I did. Please note that you have to cut the two patterns pieces on the fold, so that you can get the entire two patterns: cap and visor. First, take the head’s outer layer and sew the middle top seam. Do the same with the head’s lining layer.

Now sew, with right sides facing together, the outer layer of the visor with the outer layer of the head to attach the head to the visor. Sew a ribbon to the loose edge of the inner layer of the visor. Optional: Edge-stitch all around the cap to flat the seams. The seam at the top of the cap gives the rounded shape of the head.

And this is the way I’ve sewn the string. This is my way but you can do it in other ways as you can see in pics below. The string should be as long as your dog needs. Do not think you realize that the XL-XXL pattern downloads as the M-L size, so we do not get the Biggest size. I really appreciate your making this pattern. I know this sounds super crazy but Is there any way you can write out instructions?